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Onewater Mission

Water is our world’s most precious resource and essential to everything we do. It nourishes us. It cleans and sustains us. Put simply, we ARE water. On average, every American uses 176 gallons of water per day—that is over 64,000 gallons a year. Food production alone is responsible for 80 percent of all water consumed in the United States.

The OneWater approach is about advancing innovation to discover solutions to today's water purification and reuse challenges. Every individual and every business has a role to play. Water providers, farmers, industries, philanthropic organizations, watershed-based organizations, city and regional planners, land owners and developers, policymakers, regulators, and researchers—only together can we secure a sustainable water future for all.

Mobile water purification

Our mobile water purification units are a first in the industry. Our ability to bring the water treatment plant directly to you is a process only OneWater can provide. We treat the contaminated water from industrial sites before discharging it back into the ecosystem, purified to drinking water standards. The cost savings to to our commercial clients in enormous when you consider that we are bringing the water purification unit to them vs. trucking the water to a treatment site. Additional benefits include:

OneWater Dewatering Advantages:

  • Potential six figure savings due to elimination of cranes, pad building, road widening, etc.

  • Rapid deployment can happen in as little as half a day vs. other operations that take 2-3 days

  • Higher Oven Dried Ton (ODT) dramatically reduces transportation costs of cake to disposal facility

  • Onsite lab delivers testing before, during and after process

  • Targets dissolved heavy metals including zinc, copper, lead and more

  • Wide variety of metals removed regardless of most other water chemistry factors (pH, temp, total dissolved solids)

  • No cost, customized water treatment plans address site-specific pollutants and water quality requirements

  • Improved water quality to help meet discharge requirements

OneWater is solving mission critical wastewater challenges at a facility near you. Now. Contact us today for a no-obligation analysis. We are here to help.