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OneWater, Inc. deploys mobile wastewater treatment plants, fully contained in tractor-trailer rigs, to deliver proprietary dewatering and clarifying technology to your doorstep.

Our mobile water purification units are a first in the industry. Our ability to bring the water treatment plant directly to you is a process only OneWater can provide. We treat the contaminated water from industrial sites before discharging it back into the ecosystem, purified to drinking water standards. The cost savings to to our commercial clients in enormous when you consider that we are bringing the water purification unit to them vs. trucking the water to a treatment site.

At OneWater, we take a holistic approach to the water cycle. Water is an essential resource that moves through a cycle of use and reuse in watersheds around the world. Wherever it is in this cycle, water has value. The OneWater approach views all water – drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater and more – as a resource that must be managed holistically and sustainably. An industry first, OneWater’s mechanical and chemical processes provide cost-saving benefits that vastly are superior to antiquated alternatives.

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